Media Agency

Working with consumer products, healthcare brands, and agencies, OCD Media is a strategy-first firm that creates value from integrated media expertise.

Most media agencies have planners who create a strategy, then turn things over to buyers who have no idea what the client is trying to accomplish. They simply aggregate GRPs. At OCD, our team is comprised of hybrid Planner/Buyers. So, the people who create the strategy also do the buying—to ensure that strategic intent is never lost. That difference is why and how everything we do is measurable and designed to drive more sales.

Media Decisions with Precision

At OCD Media, we understand that evidence based decisions are important to your consumer product, healthcare brand, or agency.

Many of our clients had already been working with a media agency when they met us, but they were frustrated because their agency only defined their target by age and gender, or they focused on audience aggregation in their work, or they continued to define ROI by CPM achieved. If these sound familiar, let’s talk.


“The true genius of any plan lies as much in the execution as it does in the concept.”

Strategic Leverage

Buying media today requires a new approach. We call it Strategic Leverage.
Media buying is set up to favor the sellers in every way these days. What large media agencies claim as “leverage” is actually the exact opposite. It is a hindrance to extracting real value for their clients. How else can you explain audience CPM’s increasing while individual media property audiences are shrinking? Typical media agencies are ill suited for getting client’s real value from media buys.

How can OCD Media obtain better pricing than larger media firms?

Working directly with consumer product and healthcare brands, OCD Media is a strategy-first firm that creates value from integrated media expertise.