MySpace began an ad campaign recently trying to re-introduce the former social network as a relevant music service/app. It is trying to help emerging artists, musicians and creative types get discovered. The new ad campaign is well produced, well funded and loaded with great talent but will it return this former social network to its former glory as a mobile and social music service competing with Pandora and Spotify or is it too much too little too late?

The ad campaign, said to be as high as $20 million, is airing on select cable networks (ESPN, Comedy Central, MTV, MTV2, Fuse, BET and Adult Swim) Jimmy Kimmel’s show on ABC and the NBA Finals.

 The jury is still out, but early results since Specific Media and Justin Timberlake bought MySpace are telling. Last June, around one year after the brand was sold, monthly site visitors—according to were over 20 million. In May they were less than half that number. Since June they have lost about 25% of their traffic. While their raison d’être is a mobile app, many people will research them online first. So this is an indication that the early adopter peak may have hit. MySpace said that 1 million apps were downloaded in June. Based on that I’ll say the campaign did what it was supposed to do, get people to the site and download the app, but with traffic down considerably since mid June, app downloads need to pick up the pace for them to survive.  If enough cool people use the service it will eventually catch on. My issue is that the spots themselves try so hard to be cool that they may end up being perceived as forced, desperate and, therefore, uncool.

 Did they wait too long after the initial buzz to undertake this campaign? Should they have done this sooner?