Integrated Media Agency for Consumer Products

The efficacy of media planning and buying for consumer products hinges on strategy
Whether it be for CPG digital marketing (new-to-market or resurrected brands), financial services, technology, entertainment, luxury, fashion, or e-commerce

Understanding where your audience lives, scrolls, listens, reads and watches is paramount to driving sales.

Who’s the Prime Prospect?

Media Planners often oversimplify a target definition. Why? Because that approach makes it easier to navigate syndicated data, which can be readily used to negotiate media—and then they take the shortest route to compile reach and frequency.

But, simple demographics don’t tell the full story. Even seemingly mundane categories have unique drivers of purchase behavior that can translate into better targeting, which can translate into a more strategic approach to media planning and provide leverage in the buying process.

Our Approach to Better Defining the Core Prospect

  • Sub-segment your universe to differentiate between core prospect types
  • Identify unique media usage habits to develop/execute a more effective and efficient media plan
  • Align media execution with target motivations to ensure effectiveness