OCD Media was tasked with growing the YMCA of Greater NY’s membership by 2,000 with a media budget of $50,000 at 23 locations scattered throughout NYC. At the time YMCA’s historical acquisition cost was $55. We needed to achieve an acquisition cost of $25 or less to be successful.

Each branch had its own unique competitive, demographic and geographic situation that needed to be addressed—additionally, each branch has their own web presence and enrollment had to occur on-site.

New Yorkers are always on the go and the best way to reach them is on their mobile devices. They are using mobile devices non-stop from email to apps to games to social media; mobile is the dominant apparatus. By using programmatic buying we served customized ads to them based on their location and based on where they have been both physically and online using mobile advertising to capitalize on audience, location base, behavioral, channel and contextual data to improve response.

We optimized the campaign automatically and adjusted manually to drive more traffic, and more inquiries by focusing on the media/creative/tactics that drove:

  • Conversions
  • Website visits
  • Downloads
  • Contacts

We drove almost 3,500 enrollments during November, far surpassing their goal of 2,000

  • Reduced their acquisition cost to less than $15
  • Generated over 40,000 clicks to the site
  • We achieved a CTR of 0.43%
    • One creative unit achieved a CTR of .57%
    • Worst performing unit achieved a .32% CTR

This was the most successful promotional campaign the YMCA of Greater NY ever ran.