Industries Served

As a media agency, we support brands in the consumer products and healthcare industries—directly or through agencies—that may not have their own media departments.

Many of our clients had already been working with a media agency when they met us, but they were frustrated because their agency only defined their target by age and gender, or they focused on audience aggregation in their work, or they continued to define ROI by CPM achieved.

If these sound familiar, let’s talk.

Consumer Products

The efficacy of media planning and buying for consumer products hinges on strategy, whether it be for packaged goods (new-to-market or resurrected brands), financial services, technology or entertainment. Understanding where your audience lives, scrolls, listens, reads and watches is paramount to driving sales.

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From pharma and OTC brands to multi-location hospital systems and everything in between, one of our core specializations is integrated media strategy, planning and buying for the healthcare sector. We understand compliance and industry regulations—and what it takes to reach your specific demographic.

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If your agency doesn’t have in-house, integrated media expertise, OCD Media can become an extension of your team. By working together as a strategic partner with your agency and your client, our strategic thinking, experience and leverage translate into savvy media buying decisions.

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B2B Brands

We make everything work together to generate qualified leads or gather contacts for your CRM. Whether you have one vertical or multiple, whether it’s tech or service, we can help you understand the cost/benefit around each tactic.

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We have a unique take on combining branding and performance media because we know people are more likely to buy brands they are familiar with. Our teams work together to determine the balance you need to generate sales.

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Understanding the luxury market and its nuances is not foreign to us. We know that context, placement, and environment are critical for these brands to maintain their image and allure.

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