Launching against a deeply seated competitor requires a smarter strategy

Our client was known for cooking oils marketed to Hispanics, but sought our help on a general market launch of a spray-on cooking oil in the face of a deeply entrenched industry leader. The competitor established the segment, spent heavily to drive sales, and could promote us off the shelf. Our new product needed fast consumer attention and acceptance to protect shelf position, and to foster continued client investment.

From our experience managing food brands like Campbells Soup, Nestle, Tyson Foods and others understanding cooking/eating behaviors and motivations is critical to marketing cooking ingredient brands. OCD Media created a cooking oil consumer segmentation that revealed two core groups that made up almost half of category volume:

  • Those who craved healthier foods—Healthy Feeders
  • Those who sought convenience—Meal Assemblers

Their prior agency was preparing to launch the brand to the smallest volume segment in the market.

Our segmentation revealed unique media habits for the two segments. OCD bought only the TV programming, dayparts and networks that brought high visibility among viewers who wanted healthier and more convenient cooking ingredients.

Our media buy exceeded industry efficiency standards by 20%. The client’s product garnered wide acclaim, excellent trials and strong sales, exceeding share and trial goals for the launch period—the brand achieved 10% penetration in only 8 weeks.

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