Leadership Team

OCD Media is stocked with talent in integrated media and product category experience.
We are service oriented and will always challenge conventional thinking on business approaches.

David Adelman

CEO, Founder

David originally studied chemistry and biology in college, but he found that developing marketing mixes was less volatile than mixing chemical compounds, so he switched his emphasis to media and marketing in the real world. He is the founder and CEO of OCD Media and brings 30+ years of ground-breaking industry experience as a change agent and a pioneer in many areas. Prior to OCD David held senior management positions at Initiative Media, TN Media, DMB&B/MediaVest, Schering-Plough (in-house agency), McCann and Saatchi. David focuses on marketing science (not able to completely walk away from his scientific background) and developing customized analytical tools to yield greater media effectiveness. David is Chairman of the BPA, an industry organization dedicated to bringing validation, transparency and trust to media buying. He is a MIN Honoree for Magazine Brand Leadership. He is often featured as a panelist or keynote speaker at industry events and his position papers/thought pieces are frequently published in key marketing/media trade journals. David volunteers with high school students in The Bronx to tutor them for the SATs. One of his students recently scored a perfect 800 in math on the exam. If he’s not at his desk check the local concert venue or golf course.

Christine Lyons

Senior Vice President Client Services

Christine brings learnings from a diverse background to every project. She’s worked in all aspects of the media business; content creation, sales, buying and planning. She has experience in many categories and is the most buttoned up person you will ever work with. She is passionate about making sure every deadline is met internally and externally.

Jeff Matteuzzi

Senior Vice President of Digital Media

Jeff started his career in the music industry, but he found orchestrating digital marketing solutions for clients to be more rewarding. Jeff is charged with commanding the agency’s relentless quest to understand the role that digital increasingly plays in consumers’ lives and how it serves as a progressively important marketing vehicle. In addition, he directs the coupling of data/technology and all media channels to maximize client performance and profitability. Jeff leads our digital and analytics practices and manages our various digital teams that activate and analyze all our digital and social activities. In addition, he has a strong understanding of the national and NYC media market. Jeff has successfully grown his clients’ digital presence, lead generation, and overall brand health with expertise that spans across SEM/SEO, display/video, social media, and branded content. His golf handicap is at 14 but he knows that with a little bit of hard work he can get it up to 18.

Alexa Ballantyne

Senior Media Planner

After joining the team as an intern and graduating from LIM College in 2014 Alexa joined the team full time. Now a media planner working directly with Christine, she works day to day with clients to create and execute media buys and ensure campaigns are running smoothly.

With extensive creativity along with her love of music, Alexa provides a symphony of ideas as well as an eclectic daily soundtrack! Outside of work Alexa leads a team of authors for MusicFestNews, which leads her to many concerts and festivals in NYC. You can find her musings here.

Sarah Adelman

Manager of Programmatic Solutions

Growing up in a marketing family–Mom’s an artist, Dad is a quant–Sarah had no choice but to follow in her parent’s footsteps. She started her career at OCD doing research and analytics focusing on competitive intelligence and studying consumer insights ranging from purchasing habits, media usage and how consumers differ psychographically. Being left-handed is an asset for her here. Something about an antipodal paw. We’re not sure what it means, but she does love animals. In fact OCD has a very high ratio of lefties, Indexing at 250 to the total population…We had to throw a number in here somewhere.

Sarah also leads the programmatic buying team and oversees campaign maintenance on Prospero, our programmatic digital platform. Sarah is on the Platform multiple times a day monitoring and optimizing all of OCD Media’s mobile, video, and digital campaigns.

Shelly Goldwyn

Director of Operations

No organization runs smoothly without solid operations. Whether it’s A/P, A/R, HR, office supplies or ordering lunch for client meetings, Shelly is always on the case. Shelly grew up in a family business and understands how important employee satisfaction is to company performance. Shelly is an artist, a salesperson and our office mom, too.


CMO – Chief Mascot Officer

Hermes joined OCD Media in March of 2014 straight out of a litter of five in which he was the only male and what a hunk he is. Hermes keeps the vermin population and stress levels to a minimum. He spends most of his time in the lunchroom (does it show?) and can occasionally be found napping on the couch between meetings. He’s somewhat quiet and loves to have his belly rubbed.