Leveraging social channels as the destination and integrating media to attract younger customers

Freixenet faced a significant challenge – it was no longer seen as relevant and “cool” to younger consumers who had switched to Prosecco. The brand had good awareness amongst older sparkling wine drinkers, but that audience only used the product a few times per year. The brand desperately needed to down age its users and grow volume.

Complicating matters worse was that the brand website, developed in Spain where Cava consumption is mainstream, focused on features and the manufacturing process—not at all relevant to the strategy for the US.

Reposition the brand as a key ingredient for holiday celebrations by targeting the social leader, the party host, in her circle of friends. We reached the peer influencer among the younger Millennial target by choreographing an entire cross channel integrated program driving to Pinterest where recipes and party ideas were pinned.

Halloween 2018

Freixenet took to the streets of top Halloween party markets Miami, New Orleans & New York City to promote ‘Costumizing’ the signature FX black bottle with branded double decker buses. These markets were chosen based on their extremely active nightlife and to promote Freixenet sponsored Halloween parties within the cities. To round out this effort, we incorporated custom native content articles & ROS ads in Refinery 29 along with video ads on Hulu’s ‘Huluween’.

Refinery 29
Drive overall awareness amongst the target with high impact digital placements, as well as custom content features, across Refinery 29’s diverse content ecosystem to drive high exposure. The campaign delivered over 6.9 million impressions with a Video Completion Rate of 74.58%, 2,812,121 Total Video Views and 934K Facebook Impressions. 

Pre-Roll Video
Drive overall awareness amongst the target with a high impact digital video play. Utilize Hulu’s immersive “Huluween” programming to associate Freixenet and Halloween. Delivered over 1.9 million impressions with a Video Completion Rate of 99.34%.

OOH Double Decker Bus
Utilize Double Decker Bus wraps to drive both awareness and overall geographic coverage of the 6 key markets. Delivered over 240 million impressions in a large-scale campaign in the major markets of Los Angeles, New York City, Washington D.C, Miami, Chicago & Boston. 


Holidays With ‘Us’

In 2015 we partnered with UsWeekly to promote Friexenet as a go-to holiday spirit. The demographic of UsWeekly was the perfect fit for the brands new target; hip young millennials who love celebrity culture, trendy cocktails & being the ‘in the know’ friend. By 2018 we had grown the partnership to include a key influencer to create holiday themed hosting content integrating the brand.

2015: Position Freixenet as the perfect partner for festive celebrations and special holiday moments.

  • Connecting the brand to 13 million Us Weekly print readers while also tying into the ‘Holidays With Us’ online sponsorship.
  • Print partners US Weekly and PeopleStyle

2016: Build on Freixenet’s reputation among Us Weekly readers as the go-to holiday spirit

  • Throughout the month-long campaign including a custom cocktail recipe, inclusion in the holiday gift guide along with ROS ads, Freixenet was able to reach over 17MM engaged Us Weekly Readers.

2017: Expand the Holidays With Us Sponsorship to include the Thanksgiving ’Celebrate the Season’ program. Align with Us Weekly’s Entertaining Guest Editor, Lauren Conrad. Build on Freixenet’s reputation among Us Weekly readers as the go-to holiday spirit.

  • Exceeded impressions goal of 7,789,000 by 81%, achieved a CTR of 0.53%, and 139,707 video views.

Business Results
We saw a minimum 20% increase in number of buyers across all age groups, including their already established older demographic over the 6 years we’ve been their agency.

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