Media Expertise

Specializing in integrated media expertise for consumer products, healthcare, and agencies, OCD is a paid media agency that starts with research and strategy, translates marketing science into planning, and executes media buys.

Marketing Analytics Questions We Answer

  • Which media component drives the greatest web activity?
  • Which vehicle within marketing component drives greatest web activity?
  • How has the quality of web visits changed?
  • What effect do certain scheduling tactics have on results?
  • What is each media component contributing to sales?


“OCD Media’s strategy and execution led to our first positive sales year in some time. Their approach by building the plans up from the local markets was more work than our other agencies would do and was the difference maker in our results. They also beat our larger media buyer from the prior year by 6% in costs while buying a more difficult target audience.”
– Mike Williams, former CMO/SVP of Marketing Jackson Hewitt