Patient Acquisition for a Prescription Sleep Aid Brand

Introduce a prescription sleep aid to customers that may not treat their sleep disorders with medication due to fear of side effects.

Do so with $5.5MM media budget


  • Segment sufferers to identify those with side effect fear and over-reliance on OTC
  • Create a pilot program in specific markets that drives users to the website, using Print, TV, POC and Digital
  • Use proprietary OCD Media sales forecasting model to identify most profitable spend/tactics

Navigating a Target
Our Predictive Modeling Technique Uses a Battery of Attitudes and Behaviors in Health, Insomnia and OTC Sleep Remedy Usage.

  • This profile led us to recommend a combination of TV and Magazines with programming and magazine title selection consistent with the skews for these two segments. We also incorporated Point-Of-Care media in Dr office waiting rooms and digital media for savings card download and CRM enrollment

With $5.5MM Available Budget We Believed a National Campaign was Overly Reaching, Potentially Expensive and Did Not Afford Continuity

We recommended creating a pilot program in a few DMA’s to test a proposition:

  • Pilot program would afford more continuity
  • Program would provide data for expanded rollout

We created two plan options:

  • Option #1: Six markets representing 15% of the U.S. and providing the greatest geographic coverage
  • Option #2: Four markets representing 7% of the U.S. and providing longer continuity

While the four-market plan generates higher ad awareness in the four markets, the ROI in the six-market plan is predicted to be significantly higher.

We saw a positive impact on brand growth as best witnessed between C and D.

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